Put WebGL Builds on Patreon with SIMMER.io

We’ve built an integration with Patreon so that you can embed WebGL builds of your Unity game to share with your supporters.

First, upload your Unity WebGL build to SIMMER using the standard method.


Once your game is up, hop on over to Patreon, and create a new post:


Choose "Video" as your post type.

Paste the URL of your game as the "video" URL (eg. https://simmer.io/@TheRoccoB/flappy-bird-style)


Finish writing your post, and click publish. Here’s the result:

Unlisted on SIMMER

While we definitely prefer that you share your game publically on SIMMER, we realize that you might want to give your audience exclusive access to the content on Patreon. All uploads to SIMMER are unlisted until you make them "public".

Unlisted games usually have a gnarly URL like this:

You can paste the "private" link into Patreon too. Full disclosure: it would be possible for someone to leak that URL by viewing the source code on Patreon.

That’s it!

Sharing in-progress builds is a great way to connect with your audience on Patreon (and earn more patrons)! Go to https://simmer.io/upload today to share your latest creation.

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