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I recently did a talk at Unity Unite in Austin ’17 all about WebGL and Unity, and specifically how to deploy to different platforms like AWS and SIMMER. I also did a nice segment on how to use serverless architecture and how to interface between javascript and Unity in a WebGL build.


I contacted the folks over at Unity and they said the talk will be on youtube soon. Until then I’ll share the slides and description.

"This talk will make you love WebGL" Slides

Here’s the description:

Learn how to do WebGL the right way from a veteran game programmer turned web developer. The benefits are huge. By exporting a level or demo of your game to WebGL, you have a zero-friction direct-to-gamer solution that has almost zero turnaround time to deployment.

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to do a proper WebGL export. Learn how to create a great looking responsive HTML5 template, and understand common technical issues with WebGL. Find out how to release a game like a professional using an AWS or Google Cloud web server with a custom domain, HTTP2, HTTPS and a CDN for lightning fast content delivery.

We’ll also cover how to communicate between Javascript and the Unity canvas and how to communicate with serverless backend functions (Amazon Lambda or Google Firebase Cloud Functions). Armed with that knowledge you will be able to hit any API that the web has to offer, like Google Maps, Twitter, or Bing image search!


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