Sell More Unity Asset Store Items By Sharing WebGL Builds

Sharing a WebGL demo of your game or asset lets people preview what they’re buying before taking the plunge. Creators see a 67.33% increase in downloads when sharing builds to the web.


OK, I totally just made number up, as Unity doesn’t share asset sales figures :-). But before building SIMMER, I randomly emailed a few asset store creators to learn about their experience with WebGL.

One creator, who’s prolific on the store, Justin Garza started out without any WebGL demos. In my interview with him, he told me that sharing WebGL demos substantially improved his sales.

I talked with another developer, Deck of Dev, who had some assets with WebGL demos, and some without. The team told me that the assets with WebGL demos did substantially better on the store.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining higher ranking on search engines like Google. These engines all work similarly to rank search results.


They look for quality and quantity of backlinks to a particular page. So if somebody searches for "crossy road clone unity asset store", and there are five Crossy Road clones available, your asset page would likely rank higher than the other four if you had high quality backlinks from sites like the one I run.


One of my core goals with SIMMER is to help people find the great games and assets. I’ve designed the site very much like YouTube. The main game is shown on the majority of the screen, and suggested games and assets are listed on the right hand column.


That means that anyone visiting SIMMER has a chance to stumble upon your asset–and possibly make a purchase.

Honestly, our system for showing suggested content is pretty rudimentary right now, but I’ve been looking at the latest recommendation algorithms from Netflix and Microsoft to improve this.

About this site

SIMMER is a website for sharing WebGL games built with the Unity Game Engine. The site is mostly for games, but it’s also great for sharing demos of your assets from the Unity Asset Store.

This can help improve sales and discoverability of your assets.

A Quick Intro

For those of you not familiar with the site, sharing a build of your asset is a piece of cake–substantially easier than other indy games sites.

  1. Make a WebGL build of your Asset
  2. Drag your build folder onto our upload page.

SIMMER Example

After uploading you provide a brief description and backlink to your asset:


Who’s using it?

Check out our "Unity Asset Store" page to see demos of other assets.


Give it a shot

Uploading to SIMMER is truly drag and drop, and SIMMER has a whole host of features that set it apart from other indy-games sites. Upload a demo of your asset today!

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