SIMMERjam Theme, Rules and Prizes!

The First SIMMERjam is this Friday, May 3, 2019, starting at 4:00PM till Sunday night 11:00PM (Pacific)! Sign up here:

The theme will be “minimalism” with an emphasis on using just two colors or shades. A secondary (and optional) theme will be “single input” mechanic. For instance, Flappy Bird has one input, a tap that controls your player.

Again, single tap is not required, but might make it easier for you. And check out Bennett apps “Shooter” for some inspiration:
This game is super interesting in that time moves only when the player moves!

Black and White? Chartreuse and Indigo? Burnt Sienna and Goldenrod? The choice is up to you!


  • Don’t start working on your game until Friday afternoon at 4PM Pacific. On your honor.
  • You CAN use assets or prior work, but please don’t overly abuse this.
  • Games must be Unity WebGL and submitted to by 11PM Pacific, Sunday night May 5 *soft deadline, but better get it in before judging the next morning
  • When submitting your game, you must include “simmerjam” in the game description.
  • You CAN submit more than one game but can only win once.
  • Pre-registering is encouraged but not required.
  • Teams: Definitely encouraged too, but we can only guarantee one prize. We’ll see what we can do if this comes up.


Q) Will I be disqualified if I use more than 2 colors?

A) No, the point of this is not to be a stickler but for you to keep your games focused. You can use multiple shades or opacity of another color if you want. Anyway I don’t plan on being too harsh here–just use the above rules as guidelines and try to stay close to the theme.


Your game must be mostly on theme to be eligible for prizes!


Hit us up on discord. You can @mention RoccoAtSIMMER in the general channel. Or you can email.

Sponsors Thank You!

A big thanks to our sponsors, GameDevHQ and for offering some awesome prizes! offers some awesome courses for Unity, Unreal and other game development topics

GamedevHQ also offers some great courses and Filebase, something we consider the “Netflix” of game assets

Pre-register and get a sticker!

USA only, unless I can deliver for a buck or two, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery:


This is a little video about our relaunch and the game jam:

the video mentions April 26 as the Game Jam date, but the date has moved to May 3-5!

Thanks all, excited for a new era of SIMMER.