Project Tiny: First Look and Getting Started

Unity just released a preview of Project Tiny! Unity Tiny Mode is a new way to build HTML5 / WebGL games that are ready for use with the mobile web.

BTW, if you came here from the Youtube video and are looking for the links, please scroll to the bottom.

A little history: Unity released the WebGL target back in 2015. It has been chugging along, but the giant, throbbing Achilles heel of Unity WebGL is that mobile web performance is pretty poor, and it’s not “technically” even supported. It does work on mobile, but often crashes, and usually games run at 15fps max on my iPhone 8.

So they went back to the drawing board and developed Project Tiny.

Without further ado, here is my quick “getting started” video about how to compile, run and debug Tiny Mode. 

I produced this video as a step by step guide to loading and building the project, but if you want to get into the new ECS or “Entity Component System” coding style (with Typescript), I definitely recommend checking out Unity’s more advanced tutorial here:

Why am I so interested in this?

At the moment, the site that I run, is a place for Unity developers to deploy their WebGL exports, demos, and assets. Today, you can’t upload a Unity “Tiny” game, but this is my #1 priority for the site, since I want mobile users to stick around and enjoy the fun.

If you have built anything cool with Project Tiny, please reach out ( or @simmer_io on Twitter), and we can get the project on the site manually. Automated uploads are coming soon!

Unity’s Excellent 9 Part Workshop Series
Official Tiny Mode Docs
Tiny Mode Forums signup page
(we’ll soon be hosting Tiny games, sign up to get the notified)